Remove Line Breaks

Remove Line & Paragraph Breaks

Free Line Break Removal Tool

If you have a document that contains a lot of line breaks, you can use this free line break removal tool to remove them all at once. This tool can be very useful if you need to clean up a document for printing or posting online.

This tool is an online lite tool to remove line breaks from the text. This literal line break remover tool helps you to remove all types of line breaks from any text. In addition to literal line break removal, this tool also supports removing other common line breaks like carriage return, paragraph break, line separator, etc. This lite tool is easy to use and you can directly paste your input text into the editor and click on the remove button to remove all types of line breaks.

About Line Breaks

A line break is a character that is used to create a new line in a document. Line breaks are also known as "carriage return" characters. In most text editors, you can create a new line by pressing the "Enter" or "Return" key on your keyboard.

When you are creating a document that will be read by other people, it is important to use line breaks in a way that makes the document easy to read. For example, you should not put line breaks in the middle of a sentence.


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